What Strengths Do Geeks Bring to the Table? (Part 1)

We @ubernet.us believe if you are a geek, you should be proud of who and what you are.

Geeks have a deep passion, focus, and commitment for the things we love.  These passions encompass every aspect of our being.  Our focus and commitment can manifest itself as a euphoric and energized feeling of being engaged in a process or activity, to the point of total loss of temporal awareness, where we lose track of time and the presence of others around us.  When in this mode we receive a profoundly satisfying feeling that is called the zone.

According to Alan Watts:

“This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play”

We look deeply at the world around us. We will learn, study, evaluate and challenge our understanding of how something works. We want to identify the unique capabilities and the true nature of everything around us.  Once we know something’s nature, we begin to look for new, exciting and inventive aspects; often challenging the status quo in the process.  When we get in this hyper-focused mode, we know something special is about to happen. It will change our understanding of the world, and we know it’s going to be very rewarding.

These skill makes for great solutions when presented with an interesting problem.

Let me take a moment to overview the nature of scientific thought as related to problem-solving:

Experts in a field tend to employ vertical thinking whereby they use a sequential scientific approach to problems and are concerned with how to solve a problem.

Visionaries tend to employ horizontal thinking and try to investigate a problem from a broader standpoint, not deeper. This approach requires them to take more time, look for more data and background studies to identify why a problem occurred.

Geeks specialize in the use of lateral thinking or an autotelic approach to problem-solving.   We will use our expert level knowledge, in-depth understanding of how something works, combined with a creative cognitive ability to look outside the box, to identifying new and innovative solutions.

Two interesting aspects of this process:

#1 There is a common phenomenon that is seen by Geeks. It occurs when a problem is so challenging that the answer is not readily apparent. When the day is done, we will be so hyper-focused on trying to solve the problem we will struggle to shut our brains down to enable us to sleep; we can’t stop thinking about the challenges of the day. The astonishing result is that upon waking the next morning, we find that we have a new and often innovative idea on how to solve the problem.  What I find amazing is that this nature is even at work while we sleep.

#2 The sometimes-uncanny ability to identify and solve problems before anyone else knows that a problem even exists.

One thing to keep in mind when you come upon a geek who is in the zone, please use extreme care.  We will be so engaged with what we are doing that it will be difficult for us to disconnect from the zone and reconnect with the real world. You may have seen a Geek appear disconnected and flustered as a result of being interrupted; this is because once we get distracted, it will be extremely challenging for us to get back into the zone and reacquire that very energetic, satisfying, and euphoric feeling again.

My recommendation, please evaluate how necessary this interruption is right now. Identify if it would be better to come back later, if not please approach this situation with caution, caring, and compassion for our impending loss of mental wellbeing and contentment.

As Geeks:

  • We are comfortable with who and what we are
  • We understand who we want to be

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.


Just one more thing… the answer to the ultimate question:

“The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life,
the Universe, and Everything.” – 42

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