78The Value of Coaching and Mentoring

The truth is that building a secure network doesn’t have to be complicated it just takes time, knowledge and understanding.  There are hundreds of little details that can be confusing at the start. If you want to expedite your knowledge and understanding, we are here to help.

Most people struggle because they get lost in the details, or don’t know where to start.  They just know they do not have enough time in the day to get their work done and dig into the details on their own!

The good news is, you are not alone in this feeling, and you are not on your own, we are here to help and expedite your learning curve.  When you work with us as your mentoring coach, you just need to be open to new ideas and to follow through on the action steps we create for you.

To maximize your mentoring session, we will investigate your goals and desires via email prior to your session.  We guarantee the time we spend together will be productive and add value.

Get a Quick Jumpstart:
Start with a 60 Minute Intensive Mentoring Session

If you’ve been working for years and have hit a plateau…

If you’re just starting out and want to do things right from the very beginning…

If you’re tired of investing dozens of hours and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere…

Then the best option for you is probably a one-off Intensive Mentoring session.

We’ll get on the phone, Skype, FaceTime or WebEx to discuss your biggest CloudGen Firewall or network service challenges and help you get clear about where you want to go with your firewall knowledge and how to get there.  Not only will we identify the things that are standing in the way of your success; we’ll also review potential solutions, and you’ll leave with a specific set of steps that will move you closer to your goals.

Getting expert input can save you hundreds of wasted hours trying to figure it out on your own.  We will help get you straight to the results you’re looking for.

Topics discussions have covered:

  • How to set up a demo lab using VMware and a virtual CloudGen Firewall
  • How to deploy a remote firewall with no technical experience:
    • Just a CloudGen Firewall at the remote site and a pre configured USB memory stick
  • Understanding: SD-WAN and Traffic Intelligence
  • Understanding: QoS and Traffic Shapping
  • Understanding: Forwarding Firewall Rules
    • Block, Deny, Pass, Dst NAT, MAP, App Redirect
    • Objects:
      • Application, Network, Service, Connections, ICMP, Schedule
    • Network Address Translation (NAT) & Port Address Translation (PAT)
  • Understanding: Application Control
    • Virus Scan & Advanced Threat Protection,
    • URL Filtering, Archive and File Content Scan, Link Protection,
    • Safe Search, Google Accounts
  • Understanding: SSL Intercept and how it’s deployed
  • Understanding: PKI, Certificate Authorities, and X.509v3 digital certificates
  • Understanding: VPN’s data integrity, data origin authentication, confidentiality
  • Understanding: IPv6
  • Understanding: IPv4 Subnetting
    • If can handle some simple math and knowledge of powers of 2
    • Subnetting will be so easy you will be doing it in your head
  • Deploying Client to Site VPN’s
    • SSL VPN: SSL VPN, CudaLaunch
    • Full Tunnel: Barracuda VPN Client, Barracuda Network Access Client
  • Deploying Site to Site VPN’s
    • Remote Managment Tunnel
    • Understanding Protocols
      • TINA, IPSec, L2TP, (PPTP should no longer be used)
    • Graphical Tunnel Interface (GTI) –
      • Traditional Site to Site VPN
      • Dynamic Mesh VPN
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